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japanizmo launched [Staff Blog]

japanizmo launched its new Website

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Got Help?-Our U.S.- Japan Business experts can help-

For over 20 years, japanizmo has been assisting Japanese corporations with U.S.-related business projects as well as providing American corporations with a wide range of support with their business projects in Japan. We take pride in our practical approach where operation-based support such as research, negotiation, and business tour coordination is combined with knowledge-based advisory services.

We also offer consulting-based project management support in which our experienced staff becomes a part of your team from start to finish by supporting you every step of the way. We strive to achieve client satisfaction with every project we touch in collaboration with our trusted partners.

Potential client needs that are addressed through our services:

"We want to find out how particular markets and industries in Japan operate."
"We want to study our potential competitors in Japan."
"We want to visit a Japanese company we're interested in and exchange ideas."
"We want to participate in a convention in Japan and market our products."
"We want to identify partner candidates in Japan."
"We want a licensing contract with a Japanese company."

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

• Industry/company research & report
• Business negotiations & consulting
• Business meeting planning and arrangement
• Partner search & coordination
• Marketing material/collateral production and translation service
• Company/marketing brochure and catalog gathering
• Seminars to prepare you prior to visiting Japan
• Business tour planning, arrangement, and execution
• Registration, travel and operation support in relation to conferences and conventions

If you need support services in Japan-related business projects, please contact us.

CONTACT: Click Here
TEL: (310)397-1116
FAX: (310)397-1312

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