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Featured Artists

Ichiro Kumiji
汲地 一郎
Hiroshima, Japan

“From my home in Hiroshima, I hope to do everything that I could with little power that I have to create future for Japan.”

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For Ichiro Kumiji, an encounter with the work of Hiromasa Kitsutaka was a turning point. Inspired by the beauty of balance created by the art of calligraphy, Kumiji began his apprenticeship with Kitsutaka. During the 30 years of his career as a typographer, the number of ad/commercial designs that he has touched exceeds 10,000. His work encompasses a wide range of commercial designs such as title graphics for TV programs, public facilities logos, book title designs, store/corporate logos, and product logos, including some that are trademarked. He has had private exhibitions at Café Shiratori (Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima), Art Space HAP (Hiroshima-shi), YUTOROGI (Hiroshima-shi), Maeda Gallery (Kawamoto-cho, Shimane) and others.

In 2001 Kumiji designed the event title and other related merchandises for “The Ninjas from Hollywood Japan Tour 2002,” produced by Sho Kosugi, a renowned Japanese actor in Hollywood.

In 2008 Kumiji oversaw the typography designs for “Afro Samurai,” a game produced by NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.

In 2009 Kumiji oversaw art direction for a live performance show produced by a multidisciplinary unit, “HALE to KE,” at MANDALA Minami-Aoyama in Tokyo, Japan. The unit combines rhythm tap, piano, and Japanese traditional instruments to create a unique multisensory experience inspired by Kumiji’s typography work. Kumiji continues to collaborate with the unit.

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