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Staff Blog
Our staff brings you a whole new perspective on Japan! From the latest trends to hidden realities of Japan, you can find them all in here.

japanizmo launched [Staff Blog]

japanizmo launched its new Website

Business Project Management

Introducing Cool Japanese Stuff to YOU !!

We are japanizmo, a company created by people who LOVE everything Japanese.
Sleek, clever, tricked-out stationeries, edgy fashions, housewares with a touch of zen, FOOD, cultureā€¦, you name it.
We are passionate about excavating hidden gems of Japan and bringing them to you, fellow Japanese monomaniacs.

Please join us in our quest.
If you are as fanatical as we are about all things Japanese, we would like to hear from you!!!


Services"Winning Solutions for U.S.- Japan businesses"
We provide you with innovative solutions to seize business opportunities in Japan.

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