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Our staff brings you a whole new perspective on Japan! From the latest trends to hidden realities of Japan, you can find them all in here.

japanizmo launched [Staff Blog]

japanizmo launched its new Website

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Join our Expert Network!

At japanizmo, we are always seeking professionals with special skills, knowledge and experience who can assist with projects on an as-needed basis.

Think of the japanizmo Expert Network as a talent database for business projects. We tap into our network of EXPERTS to execute projects. When our project needs match your specialized skill set, we invite you to be part of our project team. Compensation is negotiated on an individual basis and based on project budget.

Contact us and tell us about your skills and experiences. We can add you into our database and when we take on a project that requires your expertise, we will call you.

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

CONTACT: Click Here
TEL: (310)397-1116
FAX: (310)397-1312

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